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Crafting Conversation

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Next time you are stuck in traffic, or are taking a stroll, or even trying to dose off, resist the urge to listen to stale pop songs, or even mindlessly scroll through social media. Instead, download a podcast that will surely trigger inspiration, or add a little humorous banter to your life. Here are seven podcasts we are listening to that you might like, too.

  • For the: Entrepreneur, in need of a little inspiration
  • Tune into: Shopify Masters
  • For the: Romantic in search of a good story
  • Tune into: Modern Love
  • For the: Fitness Nerd looking to build some nutrition and exercise muscle
  • Tune into: The Model Health Show
  • For the: Person out there who really wants to be better at life
  • Tune into: The Tim Ferriss Show
  • For the: Politics junkie who wants a good laugh
  • Tune into: Wait Wait.. Don’t tell me
  • For the: Person in search of conversation stuffers
  • Tune into: This American Life
  • For the: Parent who believes in positive parenting
  • Tune into: Unruffled. Respectful Parenting
  • For the: Person looking for some real world education.
  • Tune into: TED radio hour




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