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Design the life you love

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When we were younger my sister and I spent so much time in the land of make believe, where we particularly loved playing shop owners. Little did we know this little passion of ours would travel forward to our current reality.

As our families, careers and responsibilities grew and threatened to put a little distance between us, we desperately searched for a way to align our dreams and aspirations, and create something together. We both had this strong desire to combine our skills sets, and fondness for good design, and in the early winter of 2013 we decided to stop dreaming, and start doing.

This is how Craft and Company began. Without much intention we decided to pursue this dream. We did not know where the store would stand two years later, but we did it through a genuine affection for one another and design, as well as a strong desire to carve out a shared fulfilling experience.

Together, we are living this dream and taking everyday as a chance to keep designing the life we love. The takeaway here is to keep pursuing your passion, the how might be grey and muddled, but in unexpected and unintended ways, it will all work out.



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