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C&C Travels a day in London:

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I got back from a short trip to London with the family last week. London is beautiful this time of year. The tourists were fewer, the weather was perfectly moderate, cool enough to walk in spring clothing. The best part of a city vacation is how everything is close enough to walk. In London shortcuts involve crossing the Hyde Park which is always such a joy, and even more so in May. We really lucked out on the weather! It was so green and lush, such a sight for sore ( dusty) eyes.

The cure for back to reality blues, is to take a mental trip back! Here is how I would spend an extra day in London:

  • New to me fact. Breakfast is a big deal in London! You have to book most things in advance, or prepare to wait on an empty stomach. Tough stuff. But worth the eventual wait, when it is in someplace like The Chiltern Firehouse.



  • Digest your delicious breakfast with a short walk to Marylebone high street, there you’ll find my second favorite bookstore in London Daunt Books. What’s my fist favorite, you ask… Hatchard’s on Regent St. it’s the oldest surviving bookstore in London, and the closest you can get to time travel.


  • At the risk of sounding completely cultureless, I must confess one of my favorite things about London is all the original architecture. Its all so ridiculously charming. So it goes without saying that my favorite shopping destination is Liberty. It’s a short 25 minute walk from Marylebone.The Tudor style 5 store building houses a wonderful collection of eclectic brands, a stunning shawl collection, the most amazing stationary nook, and a skincare and perfume section I don’t mind getting locked into.


  • Liberty unassumingly covers one of the coolest little spots in London. Carnaby street. Be sure to take a walk through all the nooks and crannies.


  • All this walking around is sure to rev up your appetite. Good thing its almost dinner time. Even better the hippest place to eat is just a three minute walk from Carnaby. Soho. Its filled with the best up and coming eateries, but my current favorite is Bocca Di Lupo. Order the prawn risotto to start, and my favorite mains were the Galletto in spring panzanella, a roast chicken dish served atop an Italian bread salad, the spicy muscles, and the goat ragu. Delectable!

  • End your day on a sweet note, for across the street is Bocca’s little gelato baby. This place is legit, its wonderfully creamy and fresh. This is a must try for ice-cream lovers.


I would love to hear about your favorite London spots :)




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