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Alas, summer vacation has come to what seems like an abrupt stop. Suddenly, the alarm is ringing an hour or few earlier, the roads are busier, and adults and kids alike are a little crankier. All before the back to school season has really registered in our consciousness. Well, we are here to help you ease back into that long forgotten routine. With a few helpful tips and links, and a consolation prize:


Establish calendar control: 

The school year seems to drag in a mess of meetings, functions, lessons and general get-togethers. Nothing seems to tidy up this mess, like putting everything in a blank white slot of a calendar. You will need a centralized calendar, to keep track of all your events. We prefer using different colored pens for different types of events, and to keep the calendar in a place where everyone can see. Like hanging in the kitchen, or next to your phone.

We have two styles in store that have a clean design and are incredibly functional with large squares to easily and clearly enter your events. Check them out here


Prep the night before:

Proper preparation prevents poor punctuality (how is that for a tongue twister?). All kidding aside, crazed and chaotic mornings are no laughing matter. Plan the night before to streamline your morning routine. An overlooked step that we firmly follow is setting our outfits and supplies the night before, from the feet up. This includes socks and hair ties, for both you and your kids. Your goal is to have everything hung and laid out the day before, this way you are not left scrambling for a hair tie five minutes after you’re supposed to leave.

This extends to lunch boxes, backpacks, briefcases and purses. Make sure assignments, lunch money, and sports bags are all ready to pick up and go.

  • Our favorite backpacks are found in our favorite local online stores: Que.Haus Pay them a visit here
  • Our favorite lunchbox recipe destination is Weelicious , make sure to follow her on instagram @weelicious 


Create a supplies station:

Designate a space (preferably with shelves and drawers) for all your out the door grabs. It’s the place where you line up the back-packs and purses, hang your car keys and all the other short stuff. This is where you would house permission slips, rest the science projects, and any adult paper work. This is could also house all of your important papers in neat files. Here are a few of in store items that would work brilliantly in the supplies station:



Traffic Jams are a chance to jell and jam:

Make the morning commute something to look forward to with these fun activities:

  • Road Rhymes:

This is a game we used to ( and admittedly still do) play with my father. The game involves coming up with a random phrase or word and then everyone has to come up with as many rhyming words or phrases.

  • Make music up:

Find any topic your children are currently learning in school and turn the topic into a fun and easy song.

  • Sing along:

Turn your ride into a party bus play to upbeat tunes, and makeup fun dances.

  • Set Goals:

Take turns voicing your goals for the day, they don’t have to be serious and thought out. Its just a nice way to put the day into perspective, and makes for wonderful lunch time conversation later on

Drum Roll … The consolation prize for surviving the first day of school:

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